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Data Acquisition Toolbox

Connect to data acquisition cards, devices, and modules

Data Acquisition Toolbox™ provides functions for connecting MATLAB® to data acquisition hardware. The toolbox supports a variety of DAQ hardware, including USB, PCI, PCI Express®, PXI, and PXI-Express devices, from National Instruments and other vendors.

With the toolbox you can configure data acquisition hardware and read data into MATLAB for immediate analysis. You can also send out data over analog and digital output channels provided by data acquisition hardware. The toolbox’s data acquisition software includes functions for controlling analog input, analog output, counter/timer, and digital I/O subsystems of a DAQ device. You can access device-specific features and synchronize data acquired from multiple devices.

You can analyze data as you acquire it or save it for post-processing. You can also automate tests and make iterative updates to your test setup based on analysis results.

Getting Started

Learn the basics of Data Acquisition Toolbox

Hardware Discovery and Session Setup

Set up a session, find and connect to specified devices, configure data

Analog Input and Output

Acquire and generate analog data with National Instruments® and Digilent® devices

Digital Input and Output

Acquire and generate digital data with National Instruments devices

Counter and Timer Input and Output

Acquire counter data and generate pulses with National Instruments devices

Multichannel Audio Input and Output

Acquire multichannel audio data and generate signals with Windows® sound cards

Periodic Waveform Generation

Generate periodic waveforms functions with Digilent devices

Simultaneous and Synchronized Operations

Acquire and generate analog data simultaneously, synchronize acquisition and generation

Simulink Data Acquisition

Build models to acquire and generate analog and digital data

Build Custom Adaptors

Create adaptors to extend toolbox support to third-party vendors and devices

Supported Hardware

Support for third-party hardware

Troubleshooting in Data Acquisition Toolbox

Resolve unexpected issues in Data Acquisition Toolbox