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Code Generation Readiness Screening in the MATLAB Coder App

By default, the MATLAB® Coder™ app screens your MATLAB code for features and functions that are not supported for code generation. After you enter entry-point functions and click Next, the app opens the Review Code Generation Readiness page if it detects issues in your code. It is possible that the app does not detect all issues. The app can report false positives.

Review Code Generation Readiness app window, showing one identified issue

Resolve issues in your code before generating code. To review issues:

  1. Click Review Issues.

  2. To see the code that causes an issue, on the Issues tab, click the table entry for the issue.

    The app highlights the problematic code. You can edit your code in the app code window.

If the code generation readiness screening causes slow operations in the app, consider disabling the screening. To disable code generation readiness screening, on the app toolbar, click Menu button and clear Check code generation readiness.

If you clear Check code generation readiness during or after screening, the app retains the screening results for the current session. If you fix or introduce code generation readiness issues in your code, the app does not update the screening results. To clear screening results after you disable screening, or to update screening results after you reenable screening, close and reopen the project.

For a fixed-point conversion project, code generation readiness screening identifies functions that do not have fixed-point support. The app lists these functions on the Function Replacements tab of the Convert to Fixed Point page where you can specify function replacement with a custom function or a lookup table. If you disable screening, do not rely on the app to identify functions that you must replace. Manually enter the names of functions on the Function Replacements tab. Fixed-point conversion requires a Fixed-Point Designer™ license.

Code generation readiness screening is not supported in MATLAB Online™.

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