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Manage Cluster Access Automatically

Auto-Manage Cluster Access allows Cloud Center to manage a cluster’s inbound firewall rules on a cluster-by-cluster basis. The cluster’s inbound firewall rules enable MATLAB® or MATLAB Online™ to submit jobs to and interact with the cluster and are calculated to only open the required ports for MATLAB Parallel Server™ for the number of Workers per Machine that you specified when you created the cluster.


If you limit access to remote ports from your client machines, make sure you follow the steps under Server Sockets Accessed by Client to enable outbound access from your client machines to the cluster.

Auto-Manage Cluster Access is additive to the cluster inbound firewall rules that are set for all of your clusters via Global Cluster Access. Cloud Center supports clusters with up to 36 workers per node. Consequently, the Global Cluster Access rules permit access via a port range to support 18 workers per node, based on the required ports for MATLAB Parallel Server, irrespective of the actual cluster configuration. The Global Cluster Access rules also include the required ports for SSH access.

You can enable or disable Auto-Manage Cluster Access at any time.

  • Enabling Auto-Manage Cluster Access while the cluster is running takes effect immediately and users can access the cluster by running parcluster.

  • Disabling Auto-Manage Cluster Access while the cluster is running does not prevent a user with previous firewall access from interacting with the cluster over an active or existing connection (for example, someone who has run parcluster against the Cluster Profile and has not exited MATLAB). This behavior also applies to changes made to the Global Cluster Access rules. Stop and start the cluster after removing access to ensure that all active connections are closed.

Auto-Manage Cluster Access and Shared State

When creating a cluster, you need to select a Shared State. If you select Personal Cluster, Cloud Center automatically selects Auto-Manage Cluster Access. If you select Shareable Cluster, Cloud Center automatically unselects Auto-Manage Cluster Access. You may override these defaults and manually set Auto-Manage Cluster Access after selecting Personal Cluster or Shareable Cluster, or at any time after you create your cluster.

Personal Cluster is the default Shared State and Auto-Manage Cluster Access is enabled by default.

Global Cluster Access rules – rules that apply to all clusters – are automatically added each time you create a cluster or start any existing cluster. Be sure to check the Global Cluster Access rules when you create or start a cluster.

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