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Bluetooth 5.1 location and direction finding, ranging

Bluetooth® Toolbox features and reference examples enable you to implement Bluetooth location and direction finding functionalities such as angle of arrival (AoA) and angle of departure (AoD) introduced in Bluetooth 5.1. Simulate and evaluate the localization performance in the presence of channel and radio frequency (RF) impairments.

Use the localization capabilities of the toolbox to:

  • Implement lateration, angulation, or distance-angle localization methods and calculate the 2-D or 3-D position of a Bluetooth low energy (LE) node.

  • Simulate the direction finding packet exchange to track the 2-D or 3-D position of a Bluetooth LE node.

  • Compute the distance between two Bluetooth LE devices by using the channel sounding (CS) synchronization (SYNC) packet exchange procedure.

  • Estimate the AoA and AoD by using the constant tone extension (CTE) field.

  • Estimate the maximum range between two Bluetooth basic rate/enhanced data rate (BR/EDR) or LE devices.

AoA and AoD-based Bluetooth LE positioning


bleAngleEstimateEstimate AoA or AoD of Bluetooth LE Signal (Since R2020b)
blePositionEstimateEstimate Bluetooth LE node position (Since R2022a)
bleCTEIQSamplePerform IQ sampling on CTE field of Bluetooth LE packet (Since R2022a)
bluetoothRangeEstimate range between two Bluetooth BR/EDR or LE devices (Since R2022a)


bleAngleEstimateConfigBluetooth LE angle estimation configuration parameters (Since R2020b)
bluetoothRangeConfigBluetooth BR/EDR or LE range estimation configuration parameters (Since R2022a)