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Class: externalAudioPlugin

Get normalized value and information about parameter


value = getParameter(hostedPlugin,parameter)
[value, parameterInformation] = getParameter(hostedPlugin,parameter)


value = getParameter(hostedPlugin,parameter) returns the normalized value of the parameter of hostedPlugin. You can specify a parameter by its name as a character vector, string, or by its index. For example:

  • getParameter(hostedPlugin,'Gain') returns the normalized value of the hosted plugin parameter named 'Gain'. If the parameter name is not unique, getParameter returns an error.

  • getParameter(hostedPlugin,2) returns information about the parameter specified by index 2.

[value, parameterInformation] = getParameter(hostedPlugin,parameter) returns a structure containing additional information about the specified parameter of the hosted plugin.

DisplayNameDisplay name or prompt of the plugin parameter, returned as a character vector. The display name is intended for display on the plugin’s user interface (UI).
DisplayValueDisplay value of the plugin parameter, returned as a character vector. The parameter DisplayValue corresponds to the normalized parameter value by an unknown mapping internal to the hosted plugin. Generally, the display value reflects the value used internally by the plugin for processing, while the normalized parameter value corresponds to the position of a MIDI control or widget on a UI.
LabelLabel intended for display with DisplayValue on the plugin’s UI, returned as a character vector. Typical labels include dB and Hz.

Introduced in R2016b