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Class: externalAudioPlugin

Display information of single or multiple parameters




dispParameter(hostedPlugin) displays all parameters and associated indices, values, displayed values, and display labels. For example:

               Parameter    Value    Display
     1               Wet:   1.0000    +0.0 dB  
     2               Dry:   1.0000    +0.0 dB  
     3        1: Enabled:   1.0000      ON     
     4         1: Length:   0.0000     0.0 ms  
     5         1: Length:   0.0156    4.00 8N  
     6       1: Feedback:   0.0000    -inf dB  
     7        1: Lowpass:   1.0000   20000 Hz  
     8         1: Hipass:   0.0000       0 Hz  
     9     1: Resolution:   1.0000      24 bits
    10   1: Stereo width:   1.0000    1.00     
    11         1: Volume:   1.0000    +0.0 dB  
    12            1: Pan:   0.5000     0.0 %  

The Value column corresponds to the normalized parameter value. Generally, the normalized parameter value represents the position of a UI widget or MIDI controller. The Display column corresponds to an internal parameter value used for processing. The Value and Display are related by an unknown mapping that is internal to the hosted plugin.

dispParameter(hostedPlugin,parameter) displays a subset of parameters. You can specify a parameter by its name as a character vector, string, or as a vector of one or more parameter indices. For example:

  • dispParameter(hostedPlugin,'Gain') displays information about the 'Gain' parameter of hostedPlugin.

  • dispParameter(hostedPlugin,[1,3]) displays information about parameters specified by indices 1 and 3.

Introduced in R2016b