MATLAB and Simulink for Physics

START TODAY. Download and install the trial software package.

It includes MATLAB® and a full set of products for working with physics:

  • Simulink®
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox™
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox™
  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™
  • Deep Learning Toolbox™
  • Image Processing Toolbox™
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox™
  • DSP System Toolbox™
  • Instrument Control Toolbox™

WHY MATLAB? With the trial software package, you’ll see why physicists choose MATLAB and Simulink. You can:

  • Explore the power of MATLAB as a unified platform for math and engineering, particularly convenient for education and research in physics
  • Use block-diagram language with built-in time parameter, extending the capabilities of MATLAB to simulate dynamic systems
  • Solve, plot, and manipulate symbolic math equations
  • Perform parallel computations on multicore computers, GPUs, and clusters
  • Analyze and model data using statistical methods, including machine and deep learning
  • Perform image segmentation, image enhancement, noise reduction, geometric transformations, image registration, and 3D image processing
  • Connect to data acquisition cards, devices, and modules and automate your data acquisitions
  • Design and simulate streaming signal processing systems
  • Generate C, C++, and VHDL® codes from MATLAB and Simulink

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