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Explore the latest MATLAB and Simulink features for neuroscience


Analyze electrode recordings, from the intracellular to the extracranial.

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Neuroimaging and Microscopy

Understand structural and functional image data, from the microscopic to the macroscale.

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Machine Learning

Train models to learn from neuroscience data.

  • Deep Learning: Use CNN and LSTM models for classification and regression tasks on image and signal data
  • Deep Learning: Use interactive, semi-automated ground truth labeling apps for image and video data
  • Apps: Use interactive apps to apply machine learning algorithms for classification and regression
  • Bayesian Optimization: Optimize performance of machine learning and deep learning algorithms
  • Dimensionality Reduction: Apply feature extraction or feature selection prior to machine learning
  • Multidimensional Visualization: Visualize high-dimensional data using t-SNE

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Neural Data Science

Create and share neuroscience data stories.

Experiment Control

Process live subject data for BCIs and behavioral control systems.

  • Performance: Run existing MATLAB code over 2x faster
  • MATLAB Coder: Translate over 2000 MATLAB functions to ANSI C or C++ code
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox: Build custom adaptors to third-party hardware devices
  • Multithreading: Call MATLAB asynchronously from user-created threads using the C++ engine API

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