Surgical Instruments and Robots

Surgical instruments are becoming more advanced and starting to perform complex tasks while automating and motorizing many of the manual functions. Surgical robots are also being adopted more in operating rooms,making it possible to conduct minimally invasive surgeries for complicated conditions that previously required open surgery. Developing such mechatronic systems that integrate mechanical, electrical, and control system design is a highly challenging task.

Model-Based Design enables you to develop a system-level models where you can rapidly evaluate and optimize the dynamic interaction of the electrical, mechanical, control systems, and the embedded software. Using code generation capability, developers can create real-time simulations for testing the control or signal processing embedded software.

Transform the way you work. Move design tasks from the lab and field to the desktop using Model-Based Design.

Perform Real-Time Controller Testing Using Rapid Prototyping

You can reduce controller development time by using real-time simulations of the physical hardware to test control algorithms under operating conditions that are impractical and dangerous to perform using actual hardware. Once satisfied with the performance, you can quickly deploy the algorithms to the actual controller microprocessor.

Develop Robotic Controls in Less Time

Robotics is an engineering discipline that integrates mechanical, electrical, and control system design. MATLAB® and Simulink® for physical modeling and control system design help you develop multi-axis compensator strategies for precision, vibration-free robotic motion control. Mechanical, electrical, and control systems are simulated in the same software environment, making complete system design optimization practical. Integration errors are found earlier in the design process as testing and verification are done using desktop and real-time simulation.