Evaluating and Optimizing Models

After developing your model, you can exercise it under different conditions, manage and visualize simulation results, and optimize its fidelity. You can also document your work and share the model with colleagues.

Simulate Your Model

Simulation lets you predict the behavior of your system for different conditions or validate your model by comparing simulation results to test data. MathWorks tools make it easy to manage all aspects of model simulation. You can:

  • Define the simulation conditions using DoE, probability distributions, and other test vectors
  • Run the simulation using world-class numeric solvers and parallel computing
  • Post-process results using MATLAB data analysis, data management, and visualization capabilities

Optimize Your Model

Once you’ve built your model, you can optimize parameters and validate the model against actual system behavior. MathWorks optimization tools let you refine a model of an existing system or optimize a new system design, by adjusting design variables to meet specific performance criteria.

Document and Share Your Model

With MATLAB and Simulink reporting tools you can automatically document model derivation steps and simulation results, and keep these up to date with your design. You can use MathWorks desktop and Web deployment tools to share your optimized models and associated applications with colleagues.