Electric Utilities

Power generation continues to evolve into increasingly coupled systems of electrical and economic dynamics. To optimize power generation performance, engineers and scientists use MATLAB® and Simulink® products to:

  • Monitor and process data to improve power generation efficiency and reliability
  • Model and simulate electric transmission and distribution systems

Perform Data Analysis and Condition Monitoring

Managing energy production assets reliably and profitably depends on accurately analyzing the utility of assets and responding quickly to deviations that might affect performance and reliability.

With MATLAB, engineers can analyze the large volumes of data collected by energy production equipment for online/offline decisions and supervisory control actions:

  • Access live and historical information from supervisory control systems and plant databases
  • Analyze and visualize trends to highlight anomalies and longer-term deviations
  • Determine variances from optimal operating conditions
  • Share results with customized reports or web applications
  • Integrate analysis algorithms with existing process control and monitoring applications

Simulate the Impact of Transients on Transmission and Distribution Networks

Modeling and simulating transmission and distribution systems is critical to understanding the behavior of the grid under various operating conditions and contingencies. The growing penetration of renewable energy sources at the transmission level, coupled with recent innovations with distribution system management and operation, increases the need to perform detailed studies to accurately capture the dynamic response of the grid. With this information, operators and planners can mitigate undesirable conditions and ensure reliable and efficient operation of the grid.