Supported Standards and Products

The latest version of the following products is supported by IEC Certification Kit for use in development processes that are required to comply with the listed standards.

  ISO 26262: 2018

IEC 61508: 2010
(SIL 1-3)
EN 50128: 2010
(SIL 1-4)
IEC 62304: 2006
(SIL 1-3)
IEC 61511: 2003
(SIL 1-3)
Embedded Coder  
Simulink Requirements

Simulink Check  
Simulink Coverage

Simulink Test  
Simulink Design Verifier  
Polyspace Bug Finder  
Polyspace Bug Finder Server

Polyspace Code Prover  
Polyspace Code Prover Server

Simulink PLC Coder

Note: Use of certified or qualified tools does not ensure the safety of the software or the system under consideration.