Toolchain providing PIL simulation with Simulink models


  • IDE for F 2MC-16 and FR family microcontrollers
  • Supports managing multiple projects
  • Generates optimal code for implementations
  • Provides microcontroller debugger to verify algorithms in firmware
  • Enables co-simulation between Simulink and microcontroller debugger


SOFTUNE is an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables users to generate code, build, and debug embedded applications for F2MC-16 family and FR family microcontrollers. SOFTUNE Workbench can manage development with multiple projects. SOFTUNE language tool generates optimized embedded code for microcontrollers.

SOFTUNE debugger provides a debugger function for the microcontroller instruction set. Using this function, developers can verify the code before implementing it on hardware.

The processor-in-the-loop simulation (PILS) feature provides a co-simulation link between Simulink® and the SOFTUNE debugger. Developers can automatically generate production code and project files for SOFTUNE Workbench from Simulink controller models, and then build embedded code for the F²MC-16 or FR family. This enables users to verify the memory size and execution performance of their Simulink algorithms on the production microcontrollers.

SOFTUNE Development Tools for Eclipse (SDT), which enables Spansion microcontroller development on Eclipse™ CDT, can also cosimulate between Simulink and SOFTUNE debugger.

Get more detailed information from the web pages: SOFTUNESOFTUNE Development Tools for Eclipse (SDT)MATLAB-SOFTUNE cosimulation environment, and MATLAB-SDT cosimulation environment.

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