SATE - Fluid Systems Simulation Consulting Services

Consulting in dynamic simulation and analysis of fluids-handling plants and machines


  • Gas and liquids separation systems
  • Gas compression and liquid pumping systems and machines
  • Gas and water transport and distribution networks and storage systems
  • Fluid containers, heat exchangers, and machines control systems
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic automation systems


Dynamic simulation services, based on tailor-made MATLAB and Simulink models, are provided for the analysis of gases and liquids pumping and distribution plants, phase separation systems, thermal machines, combustion chambers, automation systems, etc. The time histories of the plant's variables that affect the design of a system and operations management are represented and analyzed to provide recommendations for modifications either to the plant's architecture or to its control systems.

In one typical in-house model, referred to as COMPSYS, the simulation of a set of parallel/series compressors, such as those used in gas pipelines and LNG or refrigeration systems, is performed. Stream characteristics of the system (thermodynamic properties, fluid velocity, and flow rate), valve/actuator positions, machine speed and power, heat exchanger variables, etc., are plotted in comprehensible formats as functions of time for sets of predefined procedures or events (flow demand or boundary parameter changes, or failure of assigned components). Machine operating conditions are overlapped with the respective characteristics' maps to check the achievement of suitable protection against anomalous conditions (surge, choking, runaway, etc.)

Services include comprehensive technical notes and recommendations to the system designers. The firm develops and delivers turnkey modeling software upon request.


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Service Type

  • Consulting Services


  • Control Systems
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Compression Systems Design


  • Automotive
  • Chemical and Petroleum
  • Instrumentation
  • Utilities and Energy