ParaMagic, Melody, ParaSolver, Solvea

SysML parametric solvers that support model-based systems engineering, by managing model execution across multiple tools including MATLAB and Simulink


  • Simulation and analysis of SysML models
  • System-level trade studies and risk assessment
  • Integration of system-level and domain-level tools


InterCAX offers parametric solver plug-ins for SysML modeling tools (MagicDraw, Rhapsody, Artisan Studio, and Enterprise Architect). The plug-ins treat MATLAB functions and scripts as constraints in SysML parametric diagrams. When the SysML product calls MATLAB, the subject MATLAB function/script runs locally on the user’s machine and creates an output text file that is automatically read back into the SysML model. Simulink models can be accessed through an intermediary MATLAB script.

InterCAX parametric solvers also create connections between systems models and other tools including spreadsheets, databases, CAD files, and other simulation tools. This connectivity enables engineers to use MATLAB and Simulink models within a larger model-based systems engineering framework, for requirements verification and trade space exploration.


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  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Systems Engineering


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Utilities and Energy