VOLTpoint Precision Voltage Measurement Instruments

USB- and Ethernet (LXI)-based precision voltage measurement instruments


  • Dedicated 24-bit, delta-sigma A/D converter for each channel
  • 1000V galvanic isolation from channel to channel and to the host computer
  • Per-channel software-selectable input range of ±10V, ±100V, or ±400V
  • USB or Ethernet (LXI) connection
  • Compact, rugged 2U half-rack enclosure


VOLTpoint is a series of precision high-voltage measurement instruments designed for measuring a wide range of voltage inputs and suited for lithium-ion cell-by-cell battery testing where sources range from millivolts to ±400V. Available in both USB and Ethernet (LXI) versions, VOLTpoint can be configured with 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 input channels.

MATLAB users can directly access Data Translation's hardware using Instrument Control Toolbox from The MathWorks. Instrument Control Toolbox communicates with VOLTpoint instruments through an instrument driver wrapper based on MATLAB and an underlying VOLTpoint IVI-COM driver (DtxMeasurement). The DtxMeasurement IVI-COM driver is included at no charge along with the Data Translation hardware. Both USB and Ethernet (LXI) versions of the VOLTpoint instrument are supported.

This integration allows users to control instruments directly from MATLAB, including instrument setup, data collection, and any other functionality available to the device. Instrument Control Toolbox provides a direct and consistent interface to each device while exposing the inherent features of the hardware.

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  • Test Instruments


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