Emulate an automotive engine on your desktop


  • Offload development work from expensive HIL simulators
  • Reduce the cost of acceptance testing
  • Cost-effective desktop HIL solution


PCI-Engine is an innovative tool for the design, development, and acceptance testing of engine control units (ECU) and powertrain control modules (PCM). PCI-Engine provides a complete electronic interface to ECUs and PCMs including configurable cam and crank signal output, pulse-width modulated (PWM) input and output, fuel and spark measurement, and more. Combining the PCI-Engine with Simulink Real-Time results in a high-performance, low-cost hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) engine and powertrain simulator.

From a signal perspective, PCI-Engine acts as an engine or powertrain supporting up to eight cylinders. Add a second PCI-Engine, and synchronize up to 16 cylinders. PCI-Engine integrates all the signal conditioning required to handle a broad range of engine configurations including spark ignition and diesel configurations, all on a standard PCI two-board set.

PCI-Engine includes a library of Simulink Real-Time and Simulink I/O blocks corresponding to each set of available engine functions to easily develop ECU and PCM test and development applications. An engine or powertrain model can be developed in Simulink with connections made between the PCI-Engine and Simulink I/O blocks and the engine model inputs and outputs.

The MathWorks Simulink Real-Time provides a high-performance, host-target prototyping environment that enables you to connect Simulink and Stateflow models to PCI-Engine's ECU electronic interface and perform real-time simulation and test on PC-compatible hardware. PCI-Engine and Simulink Real-Time provide a cost-effective desktop solution for rapid prototyping, verification and validation, end-of-line production testing, and HIL.

To learn more about PCI-Engine, visit ADI's Website.

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