Frame grabber to acquire images from industrial cameras


  • Powerful embedded controller ensures secure image capture
  • Acquisition up to 6 monochrome cameras, 2 RGB cameras or 2 dual-channel cameras
  • Supports frame delay mode cameras for up to six simultaneous image captures
  • Digitizes at 40 MHz and supports standard or custom progressive scan asynchronous
  • Camera switching capability from up to six cameras
  • On-board memory


The PC2-Vision is a high-performance, PCI image capture board developed for cost-sensitive machine vision applications. The board's acquisition circuitry is exceptionally versatile and designed to interface with standard (RS-170 and CCIR), nonstandard (progressive scan), RGB, and dual-channel analog cameras. The PC2-Vision simplifies camera interfacing by offering fully programmable timing, coupled with efficient cabling and a variety of trigger, strobe, and asynchronous reset options. It features six inputs and high digitization rates, making it an ideal solution for a large variety of industrial inspection, identification, and gauging applications. The 'trigger to image reliability' feature provides the highest degree of assurance in image acquisition control.

The MathWorks Image Acquisition Toolbox has a built-in adaptor to access many of the features of the PC2-Vision frame grabber from within the MATLAB environment. The Image Acquisition Toolbox provides a consistent interface to all supported devices and enables you to acquire data directly from MATLAB for analysis, visualization, and modeling.

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