Provides bi-directional communication between CAD systems and MathWorks products


  • Automatic, bidirectional data exchange between CAD systems and MATLAB environment
  • Automatic construction of multi-body simulation model in SimMechanics
  • Data exchange almost instantly
  • Significant time savings in CAD-CAE data exchange
  • Enables validation and optimization of overall system behavior early in the development process
  • Reduces time-to-market


CASIN provides a bidirectional connection between CAD systems (such as CATIA®) and MathWorks® products. With one click, users can transfer data and geometry describing an entire CAD assembly to the MATLAB environment and construct an equivalent multi-body simulation model in Simscape Multibody. Combining the Simscape Multibody model with hydraulic and electrical models in Simscape and control algorithms in Simulink enables you to analyze the entire system design within a single simulation environment.  CASIN also provides the ability to modify parameters in the CAD environment from within MATLAB, enabling users to integrate CAD system capabilities with powerful optimization and dynamic simulation capabilities offered in MATLAB and Simulink.  Using this bidirectional interface, you can simultaneously tune mechanical, electrical, and control parameters to find an optimal design for your system.

As a result of the bi-directional data exchange, there is no need to manually transfer CAD data into another simulation environment. Users can expect to achieve 99% time savings when transferring a CAD model to a multi-body simulation model. Users are able to simulate the overall system behavior early in the development phase, obtaining an optimized design long before the creation of prototypes begins.


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  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Control Systems
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  • Mechanics and Compression Systems


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