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How to perform taxonomic analysis of 16s rRNA NGS .fastq files?
A complete answer to this question is outside the scope of a single MATLAB Answers post, I suggest reading some published papers...

4 Monate ago | 0

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How can I use knnimpute while having all rows of the input matrix with at least one missing value?
This is an older question, but in case anyone comes across this answer looking for further explanation: knnimpute only calculat...

4 Monate ago | 0

Alignment(3,:) in seqinsertgaps
The alignment returned by nwalign is a 3xN character array showing the optimal alignment between the two input protein sequences...

8 Monate ago | 1

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Fold Change Plot in "Identifying Differentially Expressed Genes from RNA-Seq Data" Matlab example
Mairplot calculates the foldChange (the Y-axis in the plot) from the meanTreated and meanUntreated samples behind the scenes; th...

mehr als ein Jahr ago | 2

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Mavolcanoplot Warning: Negative values are ignored problem.
mavolcanoplot assumes the input data are gene expression values, and a negative expression value is assumed to be invalid, becau...

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