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pass non-numeric data to simulink
i want to evaluate a dlnetwork object in simulink. output of dlnetwork (type casted to double) will drive other blocks i have u...

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slider crank mechanism
This is a simple implementation of slider-crank mechanism in simscape multibody

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Simulation of a rolling wheel on a flat surface using SimMechanics contact forces library block
hi, i have faced this issue before and approximated using sphere to plane contact (from Mr Steve Miller's contact force library...

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Multiple 2D plot in 1 3D plot
use waterfall command example Nactions = 5; Ntime = 5; x = (1:Nactions); % actions y = (1:Ntime); % time [X,Y] = meshgrid(...

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Multiple 2-D area plots in a 3-D graph
use watefall command it does exactly same as what you want Nactions = 5; Ntime = 5; x = (1:Nactions); % actions y = (1:Nt...

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Plotting Multiple Graphs in a 3D form
use waterfall command. customisations available for it

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One-Step a Simulink Simulation from the MATLAB command line
check this Save and Restore Simulation Operating Point

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how to use GPU for actor and critic while env simulation happens on multiple cores for RL training
hi i am new to GPU computing. i am using reinforcement learning toolbox - particularly rlACAgent training happens normally on...

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Reinforcement Learning - How to use a 'trained policy' as a 'controller' block in SIMULINK
hi use reshape block to set observation vector to column vector before feeding to matlab interpreter block

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How to solve this equation with ode45?
yes, you are right, you should split equations function dydt = ode45fcn(t,y) p = 2.67; a = 0.25; ag = 0.5*sin(4*pi*t); % ...

7 Monate ago | 1

Transfer function G(s) with plot or data
hi you could use np = 2; % number of poles nz = 1; % number of zeros exp_data = readmatrix('data.csv'); %read data u = exp...

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how to import fmu from AMESim to Simulink?
can anybody help in import in FMUs (functional mockup units) from AMESim to Simulink? i created a simple fmu interface in AMESi...

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