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computational complexity of eig and pinv
The computational cost of eig should be O(N^3) with N dimension of the matrix

etwa 6 Jahre vor | 0

Can someone help me with my code? Topic: integration
Dear LeneB, You should truncate the sum (S(j) = S(j-1) + 1/2V(j-1)+1/2V(j) for j>=1) up to N: in this way knowing V(j) for al...

etwa 6 Jahre vor | 0

How can I plot a sphere in 3D?
This code works fine: % PARAMETERS Of the model I=1 x=1 y=1 k=1; j=1; %% Grid puntos=200; puntos_1=400; teta=lins...

etwa 6 Jahre vor | 0

Numerical solution of non-linear model
I think that equation can be recast as: h'(t)=(F/dA) - (B*sqrt(h(t)))/dA, d,B,A,F constants Instead of using Euler method I ...

etwa 6 Jahre vor | 0

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D for loops concatenated
Thank you very much for your answer I adjust it in the following way P=5; D =3; dim = nchoosek(P-1+D,D); indexe...

etwa 7 Jahre vor | 0


D for loops concatenated
I would like to generalize the following codes for dimension D=2: D=2; dim=factorial(P-1+D)/(factorial(P-1)*factorial(D)...

etwa 7 Jahre vor | 2 Antworten | 0