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How to use rate limiter with square signal and variable step size?
Hi John, The problem you have is all about sample times, and sample times propagation. In your first example, there is probab...

etwa 5 Jahre ago | 0

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How can I define boundary conditions using lsqnonlin solver?
First I'd suggest you to create an m-file to evaluate your error vector. % Example for that function: function Error = Cos...

etwa 5 Jahre ago | 0

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How to read a signal with discontinuities from workspace in simulink?
Normally the problems I've encountered with that error were indeed caused by an Inf or NaN being sent to the integrator. Check...

etwa 5 Jahre ago | 1


Are there any restrictions for selected tunable parameters to appear in the generated s-function mask? Some selected tunable parameters won't show up in the S-function mask.
When building an S-function for a subsystem, one can select parameters to be tunable through a GUI. In my case, from all selecte...

etwa 5 Jahre ago | 1 answer | 0