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Hump-day Challenger - MATLAB Indexing
I left below my solution based on bsxfun: function ind = hdchallenger(SA,RA) if length(SA) == 1 SA = [SA SA]; ...

11 Monate ago | 0

Is there a way to index a variable to a certain position in the array
This should work: n=3; % or set n=1 or n=2 tmp = permute(ob, [setdiff(1:3,n) n]); for i=1:size(tmp,3) rt(i,:,:...

11 Monate ago | 1

can someone explain me How to deal with NaN in data
Check if there is NaN is your data. Function "isnan" will do that (see help isnan). Combine with function "any" to select rows ...

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Can someone tell me if there is an error in fitcdiscr function?
I think the fitcdiscr function has error(s). I tested both the quadratic discrimination option: rng('default'); X = rand(40...

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