EzyFit Uninstallation

EzyFit Uninstallation

Full uninstallation

In order to remove the Ezyfit toolbox from your Matlab installation, follow the 3 steps:

1. Edit the 'startup file' by typing

edit startup

and remove the following lines

%   These lines have been added by 'efmenu install' (01-Apr-2008 23:10:11):
efmenu;   % Includes the EzyFit menu for all new figure.
fprintf(' To get started with the EzyFit toolbox, select EzyFit from the Help browser.\n\n');

2. From the menu 'File > Set Path', select the directory '../ezyfit', and click on 'Remove' and 'Save'.

3. Restart Matab.

Uninstallation of the Ezyfit menu only

If you wish to uninstall the Ezyfit menu from your figure windows but you still want to use the command-line functions of the Ezyfit toolbox:

Apply the steps 1 and 3 above.

Uninstallation of the Ezyfit menu from saved figure files

If you have saved some figure files (.FIG) from a Matlab system with the Ezyfit toolbox, the figure files include the Ezyfit menu. As a consequence, those figure files cannot be opened with a Matlab system without the Ezyfit toolbox.

It is possible to remove the Ezyfit menu from a figure file, using the remove_efmenu_fig function.


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