EzyFit Installation

EzyFit Installation

EzyFit needs Matlab 7.0 or higher. It has been tested under 7.0 to 8.4 (R2014b), but mainly under Windows. The command-line functions (e.g. ezfit, showfit...) work equally well on all systems. However graphical operations (e.g. getslope, showslope...) may not be fully stable, especially on non-Windows systems.

1. Download and unzip the EzyFit Toolbox in a directory somewhere in your system. For instance, in a Windows 7 installation, the directory Documents/MATLAB/ezyfit may be a good location. Do NOT install the toolbox directly in the directory of the Matlab application (Program Files/Matlab directory in Windows). If you upgrade from an older version, first empty the previous directory.

2. Select 'Set Path' (available in the menu File in Matlab 7, or in the tab Home in Matlab 8). In the dialog box, click on 'Add Folder' (NOT 'with subfolders') and select the ezyfit directory. Click on 'Save' and 'Close'.

3. If you want to always have the Ezyfit menu in your figures, type efmenu install. This will create or update your 'startup.m' file in the main user directory of your Matlab installation.

Note: If you upgrade Matlab and you want to use your previous Ezyfit installation, you just have to follow the steps 2-3.

See also: Ezyfit Uninstallation


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