EzyFit Function Reference

Functions -- By Category

Curve Fitting 
  ezfit          - fit data with arbitrary fitting function 
  showfit        - fit the active curve and display it 
  efmenu         - Ezyfit menu 
  undofit        - Remove the last fit 
  rmfit          - Remove fits 
  fitparam       - Global settings for the EzyFit toolbox 
Curve fitting "by eye" 
  getslope       - Get the slope of the current line 
  showslope      - Draw a line with fixed slope 
Curve Fitting Tools 
  editcoeff      - Edit the coefficients of a fit 
  makevarfit     - Create variables from the parameters of a fit 
  evalfit        - Evaluate a fit 
  showresidual   - Show fit residual 
  editfit        - Edit a user-defined fit 
  loadfit        - load the predefined and the user-defined fits 
  dispeqfit      - Displays the fit equation in the command window 
  showeqbox      - Displays the fit equation box in the figure 
  pickdata       - Pick data from the active curve 
  plotsample     - Display a sample plot 
  remove_efmenu_fig - Remove the Ezyfit menu from figure files
  ezfft          - Power spectrum (FFT)
  getlineinfo    - Get information (length, angle) of a segment
  myginput       - Graphical input from mouse 
  about_ef       - display the "About" information of the EzyFit toolbox
  checkupdate_ef - check for update of the EzyFit toolbox
Quick change of the axis scales 
  linx           - Turn the X axis to LIN 
  liny           - Turn the Y axis to LIN 
  logx           - Turn the X axis to LOG 
  logy           - Turn the Y axis to LOG 
  swx            - LIN<->LOG swap of the X axis 
  swy            - LIN<->LOG swap of the Y axis 

Some useful plot tools  
  dfig           - Create docked figure window
  gridc          - Centered cross grid 
  axisc          - Centered axis
  axis0          - Include origin in the axis
  axisl          - Include the nearest power of 10 in the axis of a log plot
  loglogpn       - Log-log scale plot for positive and negative data
  semilogypn     - Semilogarithmic  plot for positive and negative data


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