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Ezyfit menu

efmenu adds or refreshes the Ezyfit menu for the current figure and 
for all new figures. 
efmenu OFF removes the menu from all the figures and for all new 
Careful: when the Ezyfit menu is active, all saved figure files (.FIG) 
include the Ezyfit menu. This generates a problem when those figure 
files are opened in a Matlab system which does not have the Ezyfit 
toolbox installed. In order to remove the Ezyfit menu from the figure 
file, use the function remove_efmenu_fig. 
If you want to always have the EzyFit menu in your figures, type 
efmenu INSTALL. This will create or update the 'startup.m' file in the 
user directory of your Matlab installation. In addition, at 
each Matlab restart, this will check the last version of the EzyFit 
toolbox on the web (see checkupdate_ef). 
In order to cancel the effect of efmenu INSTALL, you need to edit the 
'startup.m' file and to remove manually the 2 lines of code related to 
the Ezyfit toolbox. 
See Also
plotsample, showfit, ezfit, undofit, rmfit, editfit, 
loadfit, checkupdate_ef, remove_efmenu_fig. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo efmenu 

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