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Vector field of a centered vortex.

V = vortex returns a 128x128 vector field containing at the center a 
Burger's vortex (Gaussian vorticity distribution) of radius 8 mm and 
vorticity 1 s^-1.  V is a standard PIVMat structure, which can be 
displayed using showf. 
V = vortex(N,R,W) returns a N*N vector field containing a vortex of 
radius R (in mm) and vorticity W (in s^-1). 
V = vortex(...,MODE) specifies the vorticity distribution shape: 
'burgers' (by default) or 'rankine' (top-hat vorticity). For the 
'burgers' mode, a divergence may also be specified by V = 
vortex(...,'burgers',D), with D (in s^-1) of order of W (D=W by 
See Also
showf, multivortex, randvec. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo vortex 

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