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Convert any PIVMat-compatible files into standard MAT files

vec2mat(FILENAME) converts any PIVMat compatible vector field or image 
matching FILENAME into Mat-files. See loadvec for the list of supported 
file formats. When used with DaVis files, the resulting Mat files may 
be re-used under systems without the ReadIMX package. 
The output filenames are given by the input filenames, except that the 
original suffix is replaced by '.mat'. All file formats accepted by 
loadvec are accepted (VEC/VC7/IMX/IM7/IMG/TXT/DAT/SET/AVI).  Wildcards 
(*) and brackets ([]) may be used (see loadvec). 
The resulting MAT-Files can be reloaded using loadvec, using 
   V = loadvec('B00001.mat')) 
or directly using the MATLAB's LOAD function: 
(this syntax creates the variable V in the current workspace). 
See loadvec for the definition of the structure V. 
vec2mat(FILENAME, DEST) converts the files to destination folder DEST. 
By default, the current directory is used as destination. 
vec2mat(FILENAME, DEST, 'verbose') also displays the work in progres. 
vec2mat, without input argument, converts all the DaVis files of the 
current directory into MAT files. 
Reloading MAT-Files converted by vec2mat instead of loading the 
original DaVis files saves time (up to a factor 10). It may also be 
useful to further process the files on platforms which do not support 
the ReadIMX package. 
  vec2mat('dir*/*.vec') converts all the vec files in the directories 
  matching 'dir*' into MAT-files. These files may be further loaded 
  using v=loadvec('dir*/*.mat'). 
  vec2mat('B[1:100].vc7', 'Z:/MyResults/', 'verbose') 
See Also
loadvec, LOAD, rdir. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo vec2mat 

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