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Time derivative

DF = timederivativef(F) returns the time derivative (central finite 
difference) of the vector/scalar fields F. The time unit is not taken 
into account here: the resulting field DF has same unit as the input 
field F (use operf('/',DF,DT) to obtain a proper time derivative). 
DF = timederivativef(F, N) specifies the order: 
  N=2: (Default Value): second-order central difference, with single 
       sided differences for the 1st and last frame (similar to 
       Matlab's GRADIENT function). One has LENGTH(DF) = LENGTH(F). 
  N=1: first-order finite difference (similar to Matlab's DIFF function). 
       One has LENGTH(DF) = LENGTH(F)-1. 
   v = loadvec('*.vc7'); 
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   showdemo timederivativef 

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