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Subtract the ensemble or spatial average of a field

FF = subaverf(F) subtracts the 'ensemble average' from the 
vector/scalar fields F. It subtracts from each F the field averaged 
over all F, as computed from averf. The field subtracted therefore 
corresponds to an 'ensemble' or 'temporal' average (it is not a spatial 
FF = subaverf(F,AXIS) subtracts the spatial average (computed by 
spaverf), averaged over the direction AXIS, where AXIS='X', 'Y' or 
If no output argument, the result is displayed by showf. 
  v = loadvec('*.VC7'); 
Note: To subtract both an ensemble average and a spatial average, use 
FF = operf('-', F, averf(spaverf(F,'...'))); 
See Also
averf, spaverf, azaverf. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo subaverf 

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