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Displays statistics of vector fields.

statvec_disp(V) displays statistics (mean, rms and standard deviation) 
of a set of vector fields as a function of the field number. 
The first 3 subplots show the evolution of the velocity statistics, 
for each velocity component: 
 - Mean velocity <Vx>, <Vy>, <Vz>  (where <> is the spatial average) 
 - rms velocity <Vx^2>^(1/2), <Vy^2>^(1/2), <Vz^2>^(1/2) 
 - standard deviation <(Vx-<Vx>)^2>^(1/2), <(Vy-<Vy>)^2>^(1/2), etc. 
The last subplot shows the energy (summed over the 2 or 3 velocity 
  E_total = (<Vx^2> + <Vy^2> + <Vz^2>) / 2 
  E_mean  = (<Vx>^2 + <Vy>^2 + <Vz>^2) / 2 
  E_turbulent = (<(Vx-<Vx>)^2> + <(Vy-<Vy>)^2 + <(Vz-<Vz>)^2>) / 2 
(note that E_total = E_mean + E_turbulent) 
statvec_disp(V,SMOOTH) smoothes the statistics over SMOOTH consecutive 
vector fields. Use SMOOTH=1 for no smoothing (by default).  Use 
SMOOTH=0 for smoothing over the whole fields (display only one point). 
   v = loadvec('*.vc7'); 
See Also
statf, histf, histvec_disp. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo statvec_disp 

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