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(Temporal) re-sampling of vector/scalar fields.

SF = resamplef(F,TINI,TFIN), where TINI is a vector of initial 
times and TFIN a vector of final times, re-samples the structure array 
of scalar or vector fields F from TINI to TFIN. This re-sampling is 
based on a linear interpolation on the final times TFIN. 
This function is useful if some data were acquired at a given 
frequency, and one wants to resample them to another frequency which is 
not a simple multiple of the initial frequency. 
The input parameters must satisfy: 
  - TINI must be increasing 
  - all values of TFIN must be between TINI(1) and TINI(end) 
  v = loadvec('*.vc7'); 
  tini = 1:0.4:100;  % if acquisition were performed with dt = 0.4 s 
  tfin = 1:0.5:100;  % we want to convert it to dt = 0.5 s 
  sv = resamplef(v,tini,tfin); 
See Also
averf, smoothf, phaseaverf 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo resamplef 

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