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Delete a series of files.

rdelete file_name  deletes the named files. Wildcards may be used in 
the filename, as with DELETE, but also in the pathnames, which allows 
for deleting a series a files belonging to different directories. 
Brackets ([]) may also be used (see rdir). 
Use the functional form of rdelete, such as rdelete('file'), when the 
file names are stored in a string or a cell array of strings. 
rdelete(...,'verbose') displays the files being deleted. 
To delete directories, see rrmdir. 
   rdelete('DSC*.JPG') is equivalent to DELETE('DSC*.JPG') 
   rdelete('*/*.JPG') deletes all the JPG-files in all the directories. 
   rdelete('mydir*/DSC[10:30].*') deletes the files DSC00010.* to 
   DSC00030.* in each directory 'mydir*'. 
See Also
DELETE, rdir, RMDIR, rrmdir. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo rdelete 

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