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Synthetic 2D vector field.

V = randvec returns a synthetic 2D vector field with a k^(-5/3) spectrum, 
random phase and zero 2D divergence. The size of the vector field is 
256x256 by default. V has the same structure as vector fields loaded by 
loadvec, with arbitrary units. 
V = randvec(N) returns a field of size N*N. 
V = randvec(N,NF) returns an array of NF fields. 
V = randvec(N,NF,SLOPE) imposes a spectrum k^-SLOPE  (-5/3 by default). 
V = randvec(N,NF,SLOPE,NC,NL) does the same, but specifies the small 
scale NC and large-scale NL cut-offs (in units of vector mesh). 
By default, NC=3 and NL=N/3. For k<NL, the spectrum is k^2. For k > NC, 
the spectrum falls gaussianly. 
See Also
showf, addnoisef, vortex, multivortex. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo randvec 

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