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Record the time evolution of a probe in a field

P = probef(F, X0, Y0), where F is an array of scalar fields, returns the 
time series of a probe located at point (X0, Y0), specified in physical 
units (eg., in mm).  P is an array of size LENGTH(F). 
If X0 and Y0 are arrays of length N, the time series are sampled at 
each probe point. In this case, P is a matrix of size LENGTH(F) x 
P = probef(F) allows the user to select probe point(s) using the mouse. 
[UX, UY] = probef(...)  or  [UX, UY, UZ] = PROBE(...) does the same for 
a 2-component or a 3-component array of vector fields. 
The value of the field at the location of the probe is interpolated 
using Matlab's function INTERP2. 
   v = loadvec('*.vc7'); 
   [ux, uy] = probef(v, 20, 30); 
   t = 1:length(v); 
   plot(t, ux, 'b', t, uy, 'r'); 
   xlabel('time t'); 
See Also
showf, spatiotempf, matrixcoordf, probeaverf. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo probef 

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