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Time series of a probe averaged over a rectangular area

P = PROBEAVERFF(F, RECT), where F is an array of scalar fields, and RECT 
a rectangle in the form [X1, Y1, X2, Y2], returns the time series of 
the field averaged over the rectangle. RECT is specified in physical 
units (eg., in mm).  P is an array of size LENGTH(F). 
P = PROBEAVERFF(F) allows the user to select a rectangle using the mouse. 
[UX, UY] = PROBEAVERFF(...)  or  [UX, UY, UZ] = PROBEAVERFF(...) does 
the same for a 2-component or a 3-component array of vector fields. 
By default, NaNs are ignored. Modify the internal variable 'method' to 
change this behaviour. 
See Also
showf, probef, spatiotempf, matrixcoordf, extractf. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo probeaverf 

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