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Vector fields of randomly distributed Burgers vortices

V = multivortex(NFIELD, NSIZE, NUMVORTEX) returns NFIELD vector fields 
of size NSIZExNSIZE points (1 point = 1 mm), containing a set of 
NUMVORTEX random Burgers vortices (vortices with Gaussian vorticity and 
divergence profiles). The location, core size, vorticity and divergence 
of each vortex is random. V is a standard PIVMat structure array, which 
can be displayed using showf. 
Default parameters are NFIELD=1, NSIZE=128, NUMVORTEX=8. 
Note: Vortex centers are distrubuted in an area larger than the field 
of interest, in order to ensure statistical homogeneity. As a 
consequence, NUMVORTEX is the *average* number of vortex per field. 
V = multivortex(..., 'Property1','Property2') specifies additional 
vortex properties: 
  'asym'   all vortices have positive vorticity 
  '2d'     impose zero divergence 
  v = addnoisef(multivortex(10,128,5,'2d')); 
See Also
showf, vortex, addnoisef. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo multivortex 

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