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Load a vector field exported in text format (TXT, DAT)

V = loadpivtxt(FILENAME) loads a vector field FILENAME saved in text 
format (TXT or DAT) into the structure V. Accepts files from DaVis 
(LaVision), DynamicStudio (Dantec), VidPIV (Oxford Laser) and the PIV 
plugin (by Qingzong Tseng) for ImageJ (NIH). 
The content of the txt file must be: 
  - (optional) one or several header lines (starting with non-numeric 
  - one line per data point, in the form X Y UX UY  or   X, Y, UX, UY. 
If more than 4 numbers per line are found, the remaining numbers are 
The structure V has the same content as for loadvec, except the 
field V.Attributes, which contains the header line(s) of the file. 
Using loadvec to load vector fields in TXT mode is prefered: it allows 
for wildcards and brackets (filename expansion). 
Note: Opening vector fields in txt modes is slow. When using a large 
amount of files, it is better to use directly VC7 files (for DaVis), or 
to convert txt files in MAT files (using vec2mat). 
See Also
loadvec, vec2mat. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo loadpivtxt 

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