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Load a 2D array of vector fields

V = loadarrayvec(DIR,FILE) loads the vector fields matching FILE from 
the directories matching DIR into a structure array V(I,J) of vector 
fields, where the index I scans the directories and the index J scans 
the files. Each element V(I,J) is a single vector field (see loadvec 
for the vector field description). Wildcards (*) and brackets ([]) may 
be used in DIR and FILE (see rdir). All the file formats supported 
by loadvec are also supported by loadarrayvec. 
V = loadarrayvec(DIR,FILE,'verbose') also displays the directories and 
files being loaded. 
  v = loadarrayvec('dir*/PIV*','*.vc7','verbose'); 
  showf(v(1,:));  % displays the files from the first directory. 
  showf(v(:,1));  % displays the first file from each directory. 
  v = loadarrayvec('dir*','B[5:15].*'); 
See Also
loadvec, batchf. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo loadarrayvec 

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