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Joint PDF of two scalar fields

JPDF = jpdfscal(S1,S2) computes the joint PDF of the two scalar fields 
S1 and S2. 
JPDF = jpdfscal(S1,S2,BIN) specifies the number of bins over each 
direction (101 by default). 
JPDF is a structure containing the following variables 
  bin1, bin2:   bins used to compute the joint PDF for fields S1 and S2 
  hi:           matrix containing the joint PDF. 
  namew1, namew2:  name of the input scalar fields 
  unitw1, unitw2:  unit of the input scalar fields 
Use jpdfscal_disp to display the result. 
   jpdf = jpdfscal(vec2scal(v,'rot'),vec2scal(v,'div')); 
See Also
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo jpdfscal 

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