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Convert a series of IM7 or VC7 files into a movie

imvectomovie(FILENAME, VID, 'options', ...) creates a MP4 / AVI movie 
from a series of files matcing FILENAME.  VID is a VideoWriter object: 
  vid = VideoWriter('mymovie.avi'); 
  imvectomovie('*.VC7', vid, ...); 
All file formats supported by loadvec are allowed. FILENAME is a string 
which can contain wildcards (*) and brackets for file number enumeration 
(see loadvec for all available syntax). 
This command is essentially similar to MOV = showf(FILENAME,...). 
The essential difference is that here the whole files are NOT stored 
into a PIVMat structure, but are loaded one by one. This allows the 
user to generate very large movies without 'out of memory' problems. 
All the options of showf (e.g., 'clim', 'cmap', 'surf', 'title' etc.) 
are available with imvectomovie. 
   vid = VideoWriter('mymovie.avi'); 
   imvectomovie('*.VC7', vid, 'rot', 'clim', [-3 3]); 
See Also
loadvec, showf 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo imvectomovie 

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