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Get the time from the Attribute string of an image field

T = getpivtime(F) returns the time(s), in seconds, of the field(s) F. 
F may be vector or scalar fields, or filenames of any file format 
supported by loadvec. Wildcards (*) and brackets ([]) may be used (see 
rdir for details). 
T = getpivtime(F,'0') does the same, starting at time 0 for the first 
Note that, for VC7 vector fields (DaVis 7), getpivtime returns the 
image acquisition time, as stored in the attribute 'AcqTimeSeries0'. 
However, for VEC vector fields (DaVis 6), getpivtime returns the PIV 
computation time, as stored in the attributed 'TIME', which is usually 
of no use. To get the true image acquisition time instead, use 
getpivtime with IMX files. 
   t = getpivtime('*.vc7'); 
   t = getpivtime('B[1:10].vc7','0'); 
See Also
getframedt, getattribute. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo getpivtime 

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