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Get the time interval between the frames of an IMX/IM7 file

DT = getframedt(FILENAME) explores the 'AcqTimeSeries' attributes 
of a DaVis multiframe image matching FILENAME (format IMX or IM7) and 
computes the time intervals DT between the first frame and the 
following ones (in ms). 
If the file FILENAME contains N frames, then DT is an array of size N-1 
(N=2 for classical PIV applications, so DT is a single number). 
If N=1 (single frame image), then DT is 0. 
   dt = getframedt('B00001.IM7'); 
See Also
getpivtime, getattribute. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo getframedt 

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