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Get attribute of a field

A = getattribute(F) returns a structure containing the attributes 
of the vector or scalar field F. If F is an array, then A is a cell array. 
F may be vector or scalar fields, or filenames of any file format 
supported by loadvec. Wildcards (*) and brackets ([]) may be used (see 
rdir for details). 
The field names of the structure A are given by the attribute names 
(leading '_' are removed from the attribute names). The attribute 
values are converted to numerical values whenever a numerical 
conversion is possible. 
VAL = getattribute(F, NAME) returns only the value of the specified 
attribute NAME.  NAME is not case sensitive, and '_' are ignored. 
To obtain the image acquisition time of F, see getpivtime. 
  Returns the times of all the vector fields of the current set: 
    time = getattribute('*.vec', 'time'); 
See Also
getpivtime, getvar. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo getattribute 

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