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Average, standard deviation and rms of vector/scalar fields

AF = averf(F) returns the average of the vector/scalar fields F. 
AF is a field of the same type as F (i.e., vector or scalar), whose 
elements are the average of the elements of the fields F. Depending on 
the nature of the fields, AF corresponds to a time average, an ensemble 
average, or a phase average. 
[AF, STD, RMS] = averf(F,..) returns additional scalar fields: 
  - STD, standard deviation: at each location (x,y), one has: 
      STD(u) = < [ u - <u> ]^2 >^(1/2),  where <> is a temporal avg. 
  - RMS, root mean square: at each location (x,y), one has: 
      RMS(u) = < u^2 >^(1/2) 
By default, averf considers that the zero elements of F are erroneous, 
and does not include them in the computations. If however you want to 
force the zero elements to be included in the computations, specify 
If no output argument is specified, the average field AF is displayed. 
   v = loadvec('*.vc7'); 
   [m, std, rms]=averf(vec2scal(v,'uy')); 
   averf *.vc7      % shows the average of the files matching *.vc7 
See Also
smoothf, spaverf, subaverf, azaverf, phaseaverf, statf 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo averf 

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