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Design of boost converter based on maximum power point resistance for photovoltaic applications.

A useful adaptive signal processing tool for multi-component signal separation, non-stationary signal processing.

SAR Processor


by Mario A

Implements a basic range-Doppler algorithm for focusing raw synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data

Adds letters A, B, ... to subplots in a figure.

Inverse dynamics with recursive Newton-Euler of an open kinematic chain and standard DH-parameters

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on images in MATLAB (GUI)

dark mode plot

version 1.12

by Natan

make MATLAB plots fit dark mode theme backgrounds

This function takes as input a function F (either symbolic or anonymous) and computes the Jacobian of F

Plots a colormapped 2-D or 3-D line that maps the values of another variable onto the colormap on the line. LineSpec available as in >>plot.


version 4.4

by Allen

Creates draggable data tips with custom labeling options on most 2-D plots. Custom labels options can also be applied to standard data tips.

Create positive-white-negative colormap and colorbar. Customized colormap/colorbar options are available.

Implementation of PCA that is much faster in analysis of high-dimensional data, compared to MATLAB's or Python's in-built function.

Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution for metaheuristics.

Make MATLAB's jsonencode.m strings more readable



by Giuseppe Cardillo

Compute odds and risk ratio on 2x2 matrix

Computes the bias-corrected and accelerated bootstrap estimate with confidence intervals and 2-tailed p-values



by Zoltán Csáti

Download file from GitHub with MATLAB


version 1.0.0

by Chi

Simple Oceanic Mesoscale Eddy Detection based on sea level anomaly (sla)

The code presents the dynamics, state-space, and SDRE control of a mobile robot with differential wheels.

Radial profile of an image without a "for loop". At size 2048x1792 it works 50 times faster than prevalent "for loop" variants



by Giuseppe Cardillo

the definitive function for the Fisher's exact and conditional test for any RxC matrix

Read compressed or uncompressed NorPix image sequences in MATLAB. This script can read all frames or a set reading window.

Function to create a figure showing the individual data points, mean, standard deviation, and distribution of multiple categories.

Create 3D Boxplots to display distributions with more than one grouping parameter

Avoids iterative addition of noise to acquire a specific SNR level.

Unsupervised learning of I/O system properties for data-driven control.

Read spectral data from Avantes8 spectrometer files


version 1.0.3

by Eric Dziekonski

Generate the code for a CSS/HTML-based data table from an input numeric, string, or cell array with many available formatting options.

Applies string interpolation (also known as variable expansion or variable substitution) in a string.

Function to create a scatter plot showing the individual data points and the distributions on the X and Y-axis.


version 1.0.0

by Nick Higham

MATLAB Code for Parameters of Floating-Point Arithmetics


version 1.0.0

by Hammad Sultan

Cleaning and preparing dataset for text analysis

Searches any block/annotation/signal property in a model and replaces with the new value.


version 1.0.2

by Tso-Ren Wu

Converting GeoTIFF to XYZ format.


version 1.0.0

by RalfW

slider GUI with editable parameters/callback function



by Kelly Kearney

Reshapes vector data to a grid

plot multiple (basically as many as you want) matrix F as bars with errorbars (SEM)

Supercolorbar draws a user defined colorbar with different tick styles and end (extension) shapes.

Generate uniformly-sampled points in a 1D, 2D or 3D cartesian or spherical domain with optional pre-existing data via MAXIMIN design

Versatile function for representation of PCA scores together with Euclidean distances (Spider like plot).


version 1.2

by Claudio

Writes 3mf 3D file from vertices, faces and optionally colours

Computes angular velocity between two 3D coordinate frames (3x3 matrices).

GUIDE inplementation of the Gram-schmidt orthogonalization procedure.

Performs Clarke Rate Error Grid Analysis (REGA)



by Matej Mikulszky

Illustration of the ReGUI (Responsive GUI) approach to creating applications.

ANN of a Fischer Speedmax 3D Classic Plus 902 197 Ski-camber profile f(x,m,x_m) for a given x-coordinate, load-mass and location.

writes nD cell array into a ASCII delimited file (e.g., *.csv) using c-mex.

This function allows to create colormap Nx3 array (RGB) with an arbitrary combination of colors.


version 1.1.0

by Phineas

LocalStats calculactes local statistica indicators for measurement data. Can be helpfull for regression analysis.

A function made to solve supersonic Prandtl Meyer expansion fan with different input cases



by Mitchell Tillman

Determine if a field exists at a specific location within a struct.

Matlab connector to IQFeed optimized for reliability, ease-of-use, functionality and performance (including parallelization)

This function interpolates the x-positions of roots/sign changes in the data in y and adds the roots to the vectors.

automated-nctools is a suite of automated MATLAB functions for netcdf files.



by Henning Francke

Draw line manually over plot and retrieve coordinates

Sends/receives UDP packets using Matlab's Java interface.

Visualize and optionally merge differences between two Simulink models.


version 7.00

by Andres

fast and versatile ascii data import capable of handling large text files

Compute the Cohen's kappa

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