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Fixed-Point Iteration (fixed_point_iterat​ion)

version 5.5.0 (212 KB) by Tamas Kis
Calculates the fixed point of a univariate function using fixed-point iteration.


Updated 03 Jan 2022

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Calculates the fixed point of a univariate, scalar-valued function using fixed-point iteration.


c = fixed_point_iteration(f,x0)
c = fixed_point_iteration(f,x0,opts)


c = fixed_point_iteration(f,x0) returns the fixed point of a function specified by the function handle f, where x0 is an initial guess of the fixed point. The default tolerance and maximum number of iterations are TOL = 1e-12 and imax = 1e6, respectively.

c = fixed_point_iteration(f,x0,opts) does the same as the syntax above, but allows for the specification of optional solver parameters. opts is a structure that has the following fields:

  • imax → maximum number of iterations (defaults to )
  • return_all → all intermediate fixed point estimates are returned if set to true; otherwise, only the converged fixed point is returned (defaults to false)
  • TOL → tolerance (defaults to )
  • warningstrue if any warnings should be displayed, false if not (defaults to true)

Examples and Additional Documentation

  • See "EXAMPLES.mlx" or the "Examples" tab on the File Exchange page for examples.
  • See "Fixed_Point_Iteration.pdf" (also included with download) for the technical documentation.

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Tamas Kis (2022). Fixed-Point Iteration (fixed_point_iteration) (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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