Estimation of Surface Fluxes from single mean profiles

The applicability of the method by Basu (2018,2019) to estimate atmospheric stability solely based on surface‐layer profiles is assessed


Updated 21 Jan 2020

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The present submission reproduces some of the results presented in [1,2], which aims to estimate the Obukhov length from mean wind speed profile or mean potential temperature profiles in the surface layer. The method proposed in [1,2] performs well with perfectly smoothed profiles. Unfortunately, large uncertainties arise as soon as noise is added, which might limit the application of the method in a real-life situation.

The submission contains:

1) three example files: one case with idealized profiles, one example with slightly noisy data and one example with "smoothed" noisy data.

2) the functions velProfile and tempProfile to obtain profiles of mean wind speed and potential temperature under given atmospheric stability, in the surface layer. These functions compute the profiles by directly integrating the non-dimensional similarity functions for the mean wind speed and mean potential temperature.

3) The function "getL" to obtain the obukhov length, the friction velocity or scaling temperature from a given profile.
4) The functions "psiM" and "psiT" which are used to compute the correction terms to account for non-neutral thermal stratification, in case of the functions "velProfile" and "tempProfile" are not used.

This is the first version of the submission. It can still contain typos and bugs. Any comment, question or suggestion is welcomed.

[1] Basu, S. (2019). Hybrid Profile–Gradient Approaches for the Estimation of Surface Fluxes. Boundary-layer meteorology, 170(1), 29-44.
[2] Basu, S. (2018). A simple recipe for estimating atmospheric stability solely based on surface‐layer wind speed profile. Wind Energy, 21(10), 937-941.

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